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Writing her own songs for the better part of a decade, Nicole plays music that calls wallflowers out to the center of the dance floor, across the street to the bar for the after party, and on out of bed the next morning just in time for Sunday mass¬– in other words; her music moves people.

Growing up along the Southern California seaboard, Nicole started writing songs as a means to scraping the dirt from beneath the nails of even the most sterilely suburban living environments. When not holding the worn cover of a good book or paddling through the waves of high surf, Nicole’s hands were busy fumbling between pens, notebooks, guitars and back again, pulling songs from the corners and closets of her life playing out around her.

After releasing a handful of demos, EP’s, and her first full length “Walk into the Night”, Nicole Vaughn is poised to break barriers and hearts with the release of her new album “Say It”. With two-thirds of the album being produced by Kelly Winrich (keyboardist/guitarist of Delta Spirit) and the remaining third being recorded in Ojai Valley with producer Todd Hannigan, Nicole Vaughn has never sounded bigger, stronger, or more beautiful… and by all accounts the sky is the limit here. As “Say It” begins with the opening track, ‘Mere Memory’, melodies literally lifting themselves up and funneling their way into your eardrums, one cannot help but feel a sunrise dawning in the warmth of their chest.
A feeling that is carried by the listener throughout the rest of the album as their heart rides up to the sunshine with songs like ‘Stuck On You’, down to the floods with the vocal harmonies of Say It’s title track, and even into the emotional wastelands outside herself with the song ‘Soldier’. “Say It” is twelve songs woven together in such a way that the only sound more beautiful might be that of a beating heart; it is an album that emotionally charged, an album that’s human.

In an age where everyone with a guitar and a story to tell is considered “the next rising star” Nicole Vaughn is in a completely different category all her own. She is a shooting star. The music you have wished for now coming true. She writes songs for the soul, songs from the heart– the heartbroken, the heartbreaker, the heart without hope, and the heart bursting with new joy. Gracefully bowing out of school to write an incredible record and pursue music full time, now fresh off a national tour in support of the Kind Campaign and their breakthrough documentary Finding Kind (which features a great deal of Nicole’s music), Nicole is now ready to let her music crash like the waves she grew up surfing and those of us left in the wake are all the better for it.

-Nick Macedo


Saturday, November 23
The Dial
Murietta, CA
with Brandon Thomas De La Cruz. Solo show

Monday, November 25
The Constellation Room
Santa Ana, CA



For the next couple months, I’ll be playing very few shows and instead will be writing and getting ready to record a new album. Stay in touch and keep up to date with gigs and other news.



We performed at the Orange County Music Awards and won the award for Best Country/Americana

Since September…

We recorded a “Live” EP with Jonathon O’Brien and released it in January 2012 under Nicoler Vaughn and Her Lovely Band.

We recorded the instruments all live in one session and then the vocals all live in one session….therefore, it’s kinda sorta almost live.

It has three tracks including:

1. Travelin’ Girl

2. Walk into the Night

3. Two Cents

We will be releasing it on 7 inch vinyl in May but for now download it on our Bandcamp for free!

This past weekend, 1/2 of my band and I traveled out to a place called Tonopah Nevada to play the humble Goldfield Folk fest. We met up with our friends I Hate You Just Kidding and Dead Flowers and played our sets to a welcoming crowd and had a gay old time.

We also stayed at a lovely little hotel called the Clown Motel. We thought we were going to be taken out by the end of the weekend by an axe murderer, yet somehow we survived.


management: ranger@ravenhouseltd.com

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